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2015 Finalist Orvis Fly-Fishing Lodge of the Year

2013 Finalist Orvis Fly-Fishing Lodge of the Year

“One of the best big walleye fisheries in the world" - Al Lindner, fishing legend

"One of the world's greatest fishing lodges for the Extreme Angler;Hawk Lake Lodge has it all" - Karl Kalonka, The Extreme Angler

Welcome to Hawk Lake Lodge. Some of the best freshwater fishing in North America. World record catch and release walleye and smallmouth bass as well as pike and lake trout on 19 private lakes in world class accommodations.

Ontario's rugged Canadian Shield - the land is legendary for its clear, cold waters, stunning rock formations and wide variety of high quality fishing opportunities.Part of this legend is Hawk Lake Lodge, one of Ontario's premier fishing lodges. Carefully designed as a private retreat for twenty-four guests, Hawk Lake Lodge offers not only the wilderness and solitude you hope for but a quality angling experience topped by what many other destinations overlook... the finest in accommodations, personal service and dining as well as access to some of the best, unspoiled, light tackle sport fishing lakes in Canada. The lodge lakes have produced 5 catch and release world records including the largest walleye at 37 inches, and largest smallmouth bass at nearly 9 pounds!

Imagine you are the only person on a remote wilderness lake. Hear the smooth sound of your cast. Feel the quick snap of the strike and the strength of a trophy fish at the end of your line. That angling experience is at its best at Hawk Lake Lodge in Kenora, Ontario. We have spared nothing to ensure that each visit exceeds your expectations.

Escape to the adventures of Hawk Lake Lodge. Experience what we have to offer. See why these lakes have been called the best Smallmouth Bass lakes in Canada and some of the finest trophy walleye fishing in the world.

"Some of the best smallmouth fishing I have ever experienced" - Colin McKeown - Host of The New Fly Fisher television show

"On average some of the largest walleye we have ever seen" - Al Lindner - Fishing Legend, Author and TV Host

"I had an incredible experience at your world class fishing lodge.  Ted, you've set the gold standard. I can't wait for my next visit" - Dan Sura, TV Host, Fishing pro, Author and Expert

"You have a first class operation and an exceptional trophy walleye fishery" - Jeremy Smith, Lindner Productions producer and TV Host

"The largest walleye I have ever caught (at Hawk Lake Lodge)" - Kyle Randall- TV Host of The Wilderness Journal

21 Inch Smallmouth

At Hawk Lake you will fish over 30 square miles of pristine, rarely fished waters. 5 different trophy species await you from pike and walleye to lake trout and even black crappie! However our specialty is smallmouth and trophy walleye. In a land where a 17 inch smallmouth is a trophy, we routinely catch smallies larger than that every summer, hundreds and hundreds of them. While we have one of the best smallmouth fisheries on the planet the lakes have without question the finest trophy walleye fishing in the world. If you have never caught a true trophy walleye then do we have a treat for you. The Hawk Lake Lodge fishery has bar none the largest collection of trophy walleye anywhere in the world. In 2014 our fishermen recorded easily more than 75 walleye 30 inches or larger (a 35 inch fish caught by Al Lindner in 2013 and a 34 inch fish caught by Dr. Sanders in 2014).. Also, an estimated 40+ inch walleye was lost at the boat last summer (if I mention who it was I think one of our favorite fishermen will have a stroke. . That is not a typo and is likely less than what was really caught as there were so many fish that hit our nets. Many lodges count the number of 30 inch walleye caught each year on one hand. At Hawk Lake we catch dozens. We have 4 different lakes that have 30+ inch walleye.40 inch walleye have been spotted by several fisherman and it is just a matter of time when one is caught, breaking the catch and release world record, again.

Just two summers ago Al Lindner and Dan Sura were at the lodge to film a show on trophy walleye fishing. What they experienced was something they had never seen. As the crew described it, the trophy walleye fishery was incredible. In just one afternoon they caught 9 fish over 8 pounds, 8 over 30 inches, a 31.5 and a 34+ inch monster. All in a matter of hours. All during a time (bright sun) when most fisheries shut down. Needless to say they were amazed. If you want a shot at some of the biggest walleye in the world Hawk Lake Lodge should be at the top of your list.

Here at Hawk Lake you have the best of the fishing worlds. We are a drive to resort on private waters. We are not only the ONLY resort on the entire system of 19 lakes, but there is also NO PUBLIC ACCESS either and hasn't been for half a century. You don't have to jump on a float plane with limited luggage and even sparser accommodations in hopes of finding virgin waters. Your party doesn't have to hope that there aren't any weather issues that would ground a float plane at a fly-in. Instead you can drive right into Hawk Lake Lodge, with as much luggage and personal effects as you would like. Once here you will be fishing waters few fishermen have ever seen. Each day you will have a lake all to yourself. Even a fly-in lake can and often times does have multiple outfitters and cabins on the same lake. Not at Hawk Lake Lodge. The combination of first-class accommodations, world class fishing and easy access is unparalleled.

Here are the three most recent television shows filmed at the lodge, starting with Al Lindner himself followed up by the Wilderness Journal and finally The New Fly Fisher. We hope you enjoy them as you see our exceptiional fishery firsthand.

Lindner's Angling Edge

The Wilderness Journal

The New Fly Fisher





Orvis Endorsed

Hawk Lake Lodge is currently one of only a handful of elite fly fishing lodges in the entire world (and only 10 in all of Canada) to carry the official endorsement of Orvis. In 2013, our first year endorsed by Orvis we were a finalist for Fly Fishing Lodge of the Year, a rare feat in and of itself. But even more unheard of is that on March 18, 2015 we were again nominated for 2015 Orvis Fly Fishing Lodge of the Year, the second time in three years! We could not be more proud. The best of the best as recognized by our guests.

So what does it take to earn this coveted endorsement? We’ll let Orvis answer this one:

“Since 1989, Orvis has had stringent criteria each lodge must live up to in order to be endorsed. These three key criteria are resources, hospitality and the lodge itself. To make certain these standards are met, each lodge is visited by an Orvis associate. This allows for a first hand evaluation, so we know personally what you can expect on your visit.”

Resources include the natural habitat you’ll fish, and the quality of the guide staff. Orvis looks for quality habitat that provides plenty of varied water and aquatic insects, and a professional guide staff to match.

Personality also goes a long way with Orvis’ second criteria: hospitality. Orvis looks for owners, guides, staff and hosts who are committed to pleasing you and meeting your needs promptly and graciously throughout your stay. They must be friendly, as well as professional and knowledgeable in their given field, whether they are guides or wait staff. Their attention to detail and personable attitude will make your stay memorable and enjoyable. Good service is the priority. We want to make you feel that you are the most important guest our endorsed lodge has ever had stay with them.

The third criteria to be met by an Orvis-endorsed lodge is the lodge itself, and its facilities. An Orvis-endorsed lodge must be a place to which you look forward to returning following a long day of fishing.  The lodge must offer a welcoming blend of exceptional comfort and elegance, and an impressive sportsman’s setting with all the modern amenities. Expansive decks with world-class views are common to our endorsed lodges. And outstanding private rooms or cabins, replete with modern amenities, comfortable furnishings, and exquisite, appropriate decorations are the rule. The kitchens are also of the highest order. Each must be operated by seasoned chefs who create gourmet meals served in a dining room of exceptional ambience, and by affable professionals.

With Orvis-endorsed fly fishing lodges, you’ll enjoy fishing prime waters with fine, amiable guides. You’ll be greeted and served by experienced and personable staff and hosts. And you’ll relax in lodges of superior accommodations and ambience in some of the most spectacular landscapes you’ll ever visit. The meeting of these criteria makes Orvis-endorsed lodges an experience you’ll miss as soon as you leave.

We could not be more proud to be theonly Orvis lodge in the entire province of Ontario.  Orvis comes on-site every year to personally inspect the lodges.  They require customer feedback from EVERY guest each season to ensure we are exceeding expectations.  All of this is done to ensure their lodges are the best in the industry and are excelling across the board. For new guests thinking about visiting Hawk Lake Lodge we recommend you review nearly 75 current reviews direct from Orvis customers (below). Our reviews are current, informative and honest.  Owners do not have access to the site and cannot modify these reviews. These testimonials are from actual fishermen, that have visited Hawk Lake and they speak for themselves.   

Please feel free to peruse our web-site and by all means call (617 820-4056) or email us if you would like to learn more about Hawk Lake Lodge. We would be happy to provide references, answer questions, talk about Ontario fishing in general and help you plan a trip for your group that you will never forget.               

Current Reviews


Recent Recommendations

OUR TRIP …  5 STAR ALL THE WAY! Susan and I both were overwhelmed with the accommodations, the hospitality, the service, the cuisine and the fishing. As I told you, I’ve been smallmouth fishing all over Ontario for over 28 years and Hawk Lake Lodge is by far the best for a total fishing experience. - Tommy Gregory Jr, 2013

"Hawk Lake Lodge is an awesome place to visit! The fishing is incredible... trophy walleyes and smallmouth every day for us, including small children. The owners and staff were the best we have ever been around (and I have been to dozens of lodges and resorts in Canada). The boats, electronics, etc. were excellent. The food and drink was out of this world as well! We will be coming back many more times" - Rob Meister - 2012

My wife and I (both fishery biologists) have been chasing Smallmouth all over North America for the last 30 years and finally broke the 6 lb mark (6.2 lbs, 20,5 in) at Hawk Lake Lodge this year. Simply put, Hawk Lake Lodge has the best managed trophy population we have seen, not to mention beautiful scenery and 5 star accommodations. We had so much fun we will be returing for a second trip this fall." - John Thiel - 2012

Tom,Mike and I had another fantastic time at Hawk Lake Lodge..You and Virginia are doing a fantastic job!!!..We are already talking about next year....I was looking for a place that the boys and I could spend some time together while at the same time pursue our love for fishing...Hawk Lake was and still is the place...You have returned this Lodge to a world class operation providing excellence in every area from trophy fish to excellent food to excellent accomodations..all we have to do is execute when it comes to setting the hook and a record fish could very well be on the line..As a long time Orvis customer I am very pleased with your new sponsorship by this outstanding company..Hawk Lake and Orvis is a great partnership. - Tom Lakin - 2012

I appreciate everything you guys did for us to make this trip special.  My dad still hasn't stopped talking about it!  He's done a lot of really nice things for people, most of the times at his own expense and rarely did he receive any credit for it.  It was nice to see him getting something and loving it.  You have no idea how grateful I am that I found your lodge. Thanks again and good fishing, Ryan Chris - 2012

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